14th June 2017



Global Tax Reclaim’s clients operate across many sectors and vary in size, from multinational corporations, to mid-size companies, with the majority of our clients having a strong presence in the EU region.

Global Tax Reclaim serves the varying needs of disparate multinational, indigenous and HPSU clients across a wide and exciting range of industries. At our Dublin Head Office and in three other cities across the world we have assembled teams of experts operating in sectors such as Financial Services; Healthcare & Science, Agri-Business, Technology & Innovation.

There is deep rooted collaboration and cooperation between our teams, something which sets us apart from others. There is also an awareness within our borderless business of the real needs of clients which the market is not currently servicing.

Aerospace / Automobiles & Parts / Banks / Beverages / Chemicals / Conferences, exhibitions and events / Construction and Materials / Electricity / Electronic & Electrical / Financial Services / Telecommunications / Food Producers / Health Care Equipment & Services / Household Goods / Engineering/ Transportation / Media / Personal Goods / Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology / Software & Computer Services / Technology Hardware & Equipment, Travel & Leisure

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Global Tax Reclaim offer our clients an exceptional service, with a team that embodies the highest levels of professionalism and business integrity