What is VAT and VAT a refund?

What is VAT?

VAT is a consumption tax levied on goods and services in many international jurisdictions. The national tax systems of Europe, Canada, Japan and Australia allow for a refund of VAT to most non-resident business entities worldwide.

VAT Refunds

Most registered businesses, subject to VAT, are entitled to VAT refunds. VAT refund rules vary from country to country in terms of the rates and expense items eligible for refund etc.  If your business is based in the EU and is VAT registered in your home country, you can qualify for a refund. Non-EU based organizations must be registered for business in their own country, to qualify for a refund.

The main types of recoverable expenses fall within the following categories:

• Hotel and Meals
• Car Rental & Fuel
• Taxis & Public Transportation
• Conferences and Trade-shows
• Professional Fees & Marketing
• Inter-Company (travel delegations, services, seminars)
• Import VAT, Logistics and Warranty Products
• Drop-shipping, Installations and Maintenance contracts
• Telecom and Network Services
• Research and Development
• TV and Motion Picture Production

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