VAT Compliance and how Global Tax Reclaim can help.

VAT Compliance

The increased reporting obligations imposed by the tax authorities and the penalties for non-compliance means a lot of time and resource is taken up by compliance.

When you’re in business Tax reporting is required, as a result this can be a drag on your resources and takes away key focus from your business. Whether providing goods and services across international borders, shipping products abroad to an overseas warehouse, providing digital services to other businesses and consumers or a host of other scenarios they likely have a VAT burden.

How can Global Tax Reclaim help?

We are experts at VAT compliance and this is our key focus. Our focus, frees your resources back to where they’re needed most. Firstly, we will carry out an initial analysis to determine if your business has an obligation to register for VAT. There will then be a full review of your current operations to ensure your business is fully complaint in terms of using correct VAT rates and reclaiming all allowable expenses.

Our service

Our service includes organisation and management of multi-jurisdictional VAT registrations. Preparation, completion and submission of VAT returns / EC sales listings / Intrastat declarations. Liaising and managing relations with the relevant tax offices and arranging de-registration from VAT – where appropriate following a review of your business activities

In turn this means improved VAT compliance and the VAT risk of your business is reduced and managed.

Let us manage the complex issue of VAT compliance and reduce the VAT risk of your company.