21st July 2017

Cross-Border VAT recovery

Cross-border/Foreign VAT recovery

Foreign VAT Recovery: Global Tax Reclaim

What is Cross Border VAT recovery

Cross Border VAT Recovery, also referenced as Foreign VAT Reclaim and International VAT Recovery, was developed to enable European and non-European businesses to recover their business travel-related activities VAT incurred when visiting an EU country other than the country in which their company is established.

Either directive 2008/09/EC, former 8th Directive, or Directive 86/560/EEC, former 13th Directive, will apply to your organisation depending on your country of business, process, and requirements for VAT refunds.

VAT Directive 2006/112/EC relates to a company established within the EU that may recover it’s VAT incurred in another EU member. A non-EU company may recover its VAT incurred in some EU member states under the provisions of Directive 86/560/EEC.

Our Cross-Border VAT Reclaim Service

In these COVID-19 affected and competitive times, cost-cutting measures are critical to business sustainability. We provide an end-to-end seamless VAT recovery solution to assist our valued clients in recouping cross-border value added taxes and maximising refund potential on (MICE) business travel and many other accounts payable spend with little effort from our clients.

Our cutting edge data analysis technology and VAT reclaim experts provide a hybrid solution to reclaim unrealised VAT for business throughout the world.

The challenges of reclaiming cross border VAT is a very complicated and time-consuming process and can be daunting for many organisations. Approximately fifty percent of EU companies and a much higher level of non-EU organisations still do not reclaim their foreign VAT. Of the larger companies that do reclaim VAT, many encounter VAT reclaim difficulties. Claims are submitted on a country by county bases adhering to local legislation. This requires local procedural knowledge and the ability to speak the language. Non-EU companies require a reciprocal VAT agreement with their home state. Many countries also need a Fiscal Representative in situ to grant non-European businesses VAT refunds.

Cross-Border VAT that is reclaimable

There are many minor variations of what Foreign VAT can be reclaimed; here is a general list of VAT reclaimable expenses:
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants & Entertainment
  • Fuel
  • Car Rental
  • Taxi Fares and Public Transport
  • Conferences, exhibitions & trade shows (MICE)
  • Training course and seminars
  • Professional fees – Including Legal & professional / valuations / financial
  • Local representative office expenditure such as office equipment, stationery, data lines etc

For specific expenses that can be reclaimed in a particular country please contact our Cross Border VAT Reclaim customer support team.

Download our EU VAT Chart

Our EU VAT Chart indicates the eligible VAT refundable business expenses in the EU as and from the 1st of November 2020.


When you choose Global Tax Reclaim, you will benefit from our flexibility to work with your chosen ERP, our outstanding VAT compliance process, transparent and competitive fee structure, superior customer service, security levels and procedures, and client portal “VAT Vault”.


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