9th June 2017

Our Solution

Our Solution

Global Tax Reclaim specializes in international Value Added Tax (VAT) reclaim for business entities, primarily relating to European Union (EU) cross-border VAT on business travel expenditure and local services provided by EU suppliers in countries, where the client is not registered for VAT. The rates of VAT and rules in relation to eligibility for refund vary across all EU Member states. The average VAT rate within the EU amounts to 20% of the transaction cost with VAT rates of 27% applying in some EU countries

Despite the fact that most companies are entitled to recover foreign VAT, many don’t have the technical knowledge or the capacity to resource this activity sufficiently. Our core experience and expertise, together with our proprietary systems and software enable us to address the multiple layers of bureaucracy inherent in the EU Vat Refund process, to offer a simple outsourced client solution which requires no client investment in staff resources and training and absolutely no up-front financial commitment from the client.

Why choose Global Tax Reclaim?

  • No client investment required ensuring strong ROI

There is no requirement for any additional client resources in personnel or training or knowledge of the technical elements of the refund process.

  • Minimal Client Effort.

Our experienced and expert team will undertake all the tasks required within the framework of the refund process. This will ensure that there is no disruption to normal client finance department activities. We like to keep everything as simple and clear as possible for our clients. We can perform a retrieval of the invoices from your premises, or the relevant invoices/expenses can sent to us by post.

  • Absolute Transparency.

Our custom built proprietary on-line tracking platform facilitates .

  • Maximize and expediting the claim opportunity.

Global Tax Reclaim will always maximize the client VAT reclaim through our proven systems to identify potential VAT for reclaim and submission of clean and perfected claims. Furthermore, our foreign VAT reclaim experts have formed strong working relationships with the various tax offices across Europe which will assist in expediting client refunds

  • Low cost and zero risk – success based percentage fee structure.

Global Tax Reclaim provide a robust, cost effective, transparent and efficient client solution based on a contingency-based pricing model, with our fee based on an agreed percentage of the VAT recovered. Global Tax Reclaim offers our clients a zero risk guarantee. We work on a NO REFUND / NO FEE policy and in the unlikely event of a claim being unsuccessful there will be no charge for our services.

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