19th May 2017



Services: Global Tax Reclaim – Global Tax Returns.

International VAT Recovery

Our core activity relates to maximising your entitlements in respect of international Value Added Tax (VAT) refunds with its main focus on VAT recovery within the European Union (EU) countries. We offer an initial free consultation on a “no obligation basis” and will advise on eligibility and entitlements.

Our fee is based on a percentage of the VAT amounts successfully recovered. With no minimum fees per country or upfront charges. Examples of applicable VAT expenditure are hotel accommodation, meals, car hire, fuel, exhibitions and representative office expenses.

VAT Reclaim Process:

  • Establish eligible items for your reclaim.
  • Prepare necessary documentation.
  • Format claims for country specific requirements.
  • Lodge claims with relevant fiscal authorities.
  • Communicate and follow-up on process with relevant bodies.
  • Remit refunds to your bank account.

Key Benefits to your company:

  • Transparent process and clear metrics of your VAT position.
  • Minimal input from your side, which frees up valuable resources.
  • Reduced costs via an outsourced solution.
  • VAT recovery success-based pricing model.
  • Seamless service for processing and submitting claims.
  • End to end support throughout the VAT experience.

VAT Registration

  • We have the knowledge and practical expertise to manage your VAT registration needs.
  • Management of the fiscal representation on your behalf and file any declarations.
  • Management of VAT accounts, preparation and submission of all necessary filings obligated under a registration.

VAT Compliance

When you’re in business Tax reporting is required. This can be a drag on your resources and takes away key focus from your business. We are experts at VAT Compliance and this is our key focus. Our focus, frees your resources back to where it’s needed most.

If your company has a pending audit with a tax office or would like to undertake a compliance review of your VAT accounts we can provide guidance and identify any areas which may be a risk exposure to your company.

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