14th June 2017

Our Technology

What TaxTech do we use at GTR?

Tax Technology: Global Tax Reclaim

Our VAT recovery solution is built around our in-house ‘VAT Vault’ & ‘VAT Prism’ tax technology.

VAT Vault

VAT Vault enables seamless connection to your expense systems. In turn allowing quick processing of your data, reviewing your claims and connects your reclaim submission to EU tax portals directly.

The resulting combination of ISO standards, our technology and our expertise have enabled a secure process for VAT recovery across the world.

VAT Prism

Similarly keeping on top of many returns in many countries can quickly become complicated. Manually tracking your returns risk excluding one of your returns and missing a deadline.

Therefore VAT Prism enables our team to connect your ERP system and retrieve raw reports for compliance. As well as real time management of your return obligations. Which will ensure we have your deadlines monitored and track the progress of each return. In turn the risk of missing a filing is reduced as well as keeping audit trail for compliance.


We utilise robotics, intelligent Optical Character Recognition (iOCR) as well as Application Programming Interfaces (API) as part of our service offering. This results in a wide range of configurations that will leverage your existing operations. Above all leading to Indirect Tax efficiencies.

Experience our technology!

Global Tax Reclaim offer our clients and partners an exceptional service, with a global team that embodies the highest levels of professionalism and integrity.


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