21st July 2017

VAT Compliance & VAT Review

VAT Compliance & VAT Review

VAT Compliance & Consulting: Global Tax Reclaim

Companies face stringent VAT compliance requirements as they commence trading abroad.

Whether providing goods and services across international borders, shipping products abroad to an overseas warehouse, providing digital services to other businesses and consumers or a host of other scenarios they likely have a VAT burden.

Global Tax Reclaim Limited is here to help.

Global Tax Reclaim Limited and its global partners offer:

  • Specialised outsourced VAT compliance
  • Access to local VAT experts.
  • VAT registrations and ongoing filings, Intrastat, EC Sales Listing.
  • Expertise and assistance in the case of questions from the local tax authorities including managing any audits.
  • Full review of your current activities to ensure you are fully compliant with VAT regulations.

Global Tax Reclaim Limited ensures your business can:

  • Outsource the entire VAT registration and returns process allowing you to concentrate on your core business activities.
  • Cut the cost of doing international VAT registrations and returns.
  • Decrease exposure to international VAT fines and penalties.

Our VAT consultancy service is founded on five unique principles:

  1. International focus – Cross-border VAT issues are our core competency and each of our consultants has international experience.
  2. Multilingual staff – We have the necessary capabilities to deal with all VAT offices across Europe.
  3. Centralisation of Expertise – Centralisation allows us to gain efficiencies of scale and apply tight quality controls much more easily than if we were spread over a large number of localities. However, we do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach to VAT procedures – we remain focused on the peculiarities of each country’s VAT system.
  4. Practicality – We believe in giving advice that provides practical solutions to our clients’ problems.
  5. Seamless integration with our other service lines – Our consultancy capabilities seamlessly complements our other service offerings which as a total solution provide greater all round benefits to our clients. The closeness to the heart of your business through these other services help our consultants offer you more practical and focused assistance.

How it works

Features of our services include:

  • Initial analysis to determine if your business has an obligation to register for VAT.
  • A full review of your current operations to ensure your business is fully complaint in terms of using correct VAT rates and reclaiming all allowable expenses.
  • Organisation and management of multi-jurisdictional VAT registrations.

Preparation, completion and submission of:

VAT returns /EC sales listings / Intrastat declarations

  • Liaising and managing relations with the relevant tax offices.
  • Arranging de-registration from VAT – where appropriate following a review of your business activities.


  • Improved VAT compliance.
  • The VAT risk of the business is reduced and managed.
  • Mitigations of interest and penalties is reduced by supporting your business in meeting VAT obligations.
  • VAT recovery and VAT savings are maximised.
  • Reputation with the local VAT office is safe-guarded.
  • Good corporate governance as no audit independence issues.

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Let us manage the complex issue of VAT compliance and reduce the VAT risk of your company.

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Global Tax Reclaim offer our clients an exceptional service, with a team that embodies the highest levels of professionalism and business integrity.


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