19th May 2017

VAT Recovery Process

VAT Recovery Process

Initial consultation to determine eligibility

  • Global Tax Reclaim offers an initial free consultation whereby our accounts analysis will advise your company on your potential Value Added Tax reclaim entitlements.
  • We will firstly determine your organization’s eligibility to claim, based on the regulations applicable to each jurisdiction in which the expenditure has been incurred.

Claim maximization

  • Our industry experience in international VAT laws, as well as the specific rules and regulations of each individual country allow us to discover every possible retrieval opportunity on your behalf. We will review and organize all your invoices to assess the extent and most importantly maximize your potential VAT refund.

Invoice retrieval

  • Our team of dedicated account managers will work with you to ensure that the required invoices are retrieved for seamless processing.
  • During an on-site retrieval if relevant, we will ensure that the integrity of your files is maintained.

Preparations & Submission

  • Our team work will prepare the relevant documentation and submit all claims with all the European government tax agencies. We will complete all relevant forms in the language of each country.

Correspondence with VAT Authorities

  • Our team will address any questions/issues raised by the various VAT authorities in advance of your claim being approved for payment.

Claim Transparency

  • Our robust proprietary software and client log-in facility will facilitate absolute transparency throughout the full lifecycle of each claim

VAT Refund

  • On successful completion of all the process, your VAT refund will be transferred directly into your bank account and all files will be returned to you.
  • Our fee invoice will be raised at this stage, based on the agreed percentage of the VAT recovered.

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