Solutions anywhere in the world

Global Tax Reclaim offers a best-in-class, seamless and global solution to its multinational client base.

Solutions anywhere in the world

We service clients of all sizes and industries successfully. Our commitment is to our clients. Audit, Data, Service integrity.

Maximise your VAT recovery potential

Global Tax Reclaim's contingency fee model ensures that its fees are charged after successful recovery of client VAT claims.

Maximise your VAT potential

See real gains on T&E. Our reclaim fee is success-based and only when VAT is successfully recovered.

We deliver unrivaled VAT recovery & compliance solutions

Our proprietary technology and client portal provides valuable solutions and insights.

We deliver unrivaled VAT solutions

Some of the world's largest and most identifiable companies have benefited already. Our tax technology enables valuable insights. Providing you with meaningful and actionable information.


Our VAT Solution

Save Time

At GTR we Listen, tailor and deliver our solution to fit you. Based on your structure, processes and expense management systems, our processes fit optimal Indirect Tax solutions customised to your business.

Go to Invested benefits

Invested benefits

We invest in our technology and Indirect Tax expertise so you don’t have to.
Thereby ensuring bolt-on resources with GTR Tax technology. Meaning no drain on your resources, freeing your personnel and focus back into your core business.

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Targeted Service

Our expert team undertake all the tasks required for your Indirect Tax needs. We ensure that there is no disruption to your activities while we deliver your VAT recovery and compliance service.
We keep everything simple, clear, and ready to view for you.

Go to Our Portal, your shield

Our Portal, your shield

Our proprietary portal is accessible on any web device, Giving you a clear picture 24/7, ready for any Audit. We always work to maximise your VAT reclaim, detailing where and how potential VAT for reclaim and submission can be optimised.

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Power over cost

Our Recovery process is success based percentage fee structure. We provide a robust, cost effective, and efficient solution based on a bespoke pricing model to fit your business model. There are no upfront, or minimum fees charged. Charges are agreed percentage of the VAT recovered up front. Our Compliance & Consulting services are the most competitive out there as we focus solely on Indirect Tax, we benefit from huge economies of scale.

Global Tax Reclaim optimises your VAT experience:
We are global VAT leaders with decades of experience in-house. Through our proprietary technology and seamless solution we have a relentless drive to deliver results for you.

More About Global Tax Reclaim

We Listen, We Tailor, We Deliver.

We are the end-to-end global Indirect Tax service provider. With global VAT: recovery, compliance, consulting and audit all supported. GTR, a fintech firm, is strategically HQ'd in Dublin, Ireland to service the EU region. Further operations in the U.S., U.K., China, Croatia, Israel, India, Japan and the Middle East. We facilitate seamless global solutions for our clients and partners. Our clients range from medium sized, to large and multinational firms. We partner with our clients to provide best-in-class VAT management. With complex VAT legislation comes significant impact on businesses. Our team are industry experts with an average of more than ten years experience. By utilising best practices, proven processes and continuous improvements - we partner to implement your one-stop VAT solution.

  • Reclaim all eligible VAT

  • Full sweep reclaim

  • Rest assured

  • Patented Portals & Robotics