11th February 2019


How can GTR help me with Brexit?

Brexit and VAT, How GTR can help: Global Tax Reclaim – Global Tax Returns

Our UK VAT recovery solution is built around our in-house ‘VAT Vault’ & ‘VAT Prism’ tax technology. While Brexit outcomes are uncertain, but VAT isn’t – our team can help you today! Therefore we simply say – Brexit and VAT, How GTR can help: Global Tax Reclaim – Global Tax Returns.

UK presence, UK VAT knowledge.

End-to-end UK VAT & Indirect Tax experts.

VAT & Brexit

Brexit is almost upon us, an the outcome is more unclear today than two years ago. HMRC have published guidance on ‘No Deal’ Brexit but are unable to provide any further guidance until HM Government conclude a deal with the European Union.

What is clear, is that VAT obligations will be in place before, on, and after March 29th 2019 – GTR can assist you with getting your Recovery in ASAP, your compliance up to date and assist with any Import VAT deferment setups.

GTR & Brexit

GTR provides certainty, by keeping on top of all UK returns. Reclaim, Compliance, Import Deferment setup. GTR will keep track of your returns and ensure your Brexit risk is managed reducing any unavoidable Indirect Tax miss in the UK.

Our systems are ready to connect with your ERP system/data feed, retrieve raw reports for recovery and compliance. Keeping you informed as well as providing a clear audit trail for compliance.


We utilise Robotics, intelligent Optical Character Recognition (iOCR), as well as Application Programming Interfaces (API) as part of our service offering. This results in a wide range of configurations that will leverage your existing operations. Above all, leading to Indirect Tax efficiencies that can quickly turn around any pre-Brexit reclaim for example.

We are constantly looking out for our clients optimal VAT position globally and in the UK, working with HMRC on updates to Brexit and Making Tax Digital (MTD). Contact us today for the latest VAT position and how we can support your business avoid lost VAT.

BREXIT approaches!

GTR: While the politcal and economic outcome is uncertain, VAT obligation is certain.